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Unique Photography and Video

At Unique Photography and Video I have over 30 years of experience in the fine art of photography and video.  This has been a passion of mine at a very young age to capture a photograph and visit it at a later date.  We know that at times there are moments that if you do not capture the moment you will never be able to relive it only in your memory.

With my Military background I take pride and honor in everything I do and this applies to the work I do for my clients. I will work with you and make sure your project is perfect to fit your needs and budget and that we have paid attention to every detail.

I have an extensive Real Estate section as this is one of our key focused areas.  I work with Nothnagle,  ReMax and ReMax Plus, Keller Williams, Hunt and many others. Please before looking at the Photographs read the description of the folder this will give you some ideas of the content. 

Please contact me and let me show you why we are truly unique.

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