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With our extensive 40 years flying Remote Control Airplanes and Helicopters we have made this transition to Drones in a short time.  The controls on a Drone are the same as they are on a Helicopter.  This makes our Aerial shoots faster and does not disturb neighbors.  We can position our Drone in half the time of other Drone operators.  This allows us to shoot your project faster, get more photographs and or Video, and deliver your project to you faster because we have far less editing than other operators.  Our turn around time is 24 hours or less typically depending on the size of the property.  We can also add property borders or lines to an image.  This saves the Realtor an enormous amount of time as a potential buyer just needs to view the MLS page or the Realtors page so there is no need for the Realtor to make countless trips to the property to point out where the property starts and ends.  As long as we are supplied with the proper information there is no charge to add this service to your shoot.

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